We’ll Always Have Vienna: A Back Story

Your Tinderella just got back from another Montreal adventure! It was pretty spectacular in how it came about, so I want to set it up properly. This is part one.

There’s a post I’ve had in my draft folder since November of 2014 about a guy I was dating back then. Vinnie was smart and handsome and an astrophysicist. He took care of himself, was good in bed and appreciated craft beer. He once said that a Mandelbrot set was the best argument for believing in God. He was also conventional in his expectations (traditional family/kids/a job in his field) and I was a train wreck after Harold and Catch and 007 and… well, really everyone I dated in early 2014.  Vinnie and I dated for five weeks and it didn’t work out for various reasons, but I’ll never forget our breakup:

I had just cooked a beautiful vegetarian shepherd’s pie for him for American Thanksgiving (he’s from the southwest and couldn’t be home that year) and we went into our usual routine: sex before the meal (where he’d get off), eating, then post-dinner sex (where I’d get off, admittedly multiple times, and he would again). After the meal, though, he sat me down.
“Where do you see this going?” He asked, seriously.
“Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. I am having fun now.” As you may know, this is a common conversation for me.
“Ah, well… my contract is up at work soon and I’ll need to move on.”
“My work is so specialized and I don’t see us being together enough to bring you to, like, Vienna.”
“Oh. Well, I don’t want to go to Vienna with you, so… that’s not a problem.”

It wasn’t until he stopped me from unbuttoning his shirt that it dawned on me that he’d broken up with me. He left pretty quickly afterwards, and I spent the next few days angry and confused that we’d both misinterpreted the situation so incorrectly.

Your Tinderella is walking by the university on her way home from a baseball game with a date. She is looking fly. A man walks by, wheeling a suitcase. She gives him the once-over, subtly, and ten seconds later she realizes that it’s Vinnie! She texts him.
“Wait, was that you in the black skirt and white polo shirt? Haha I checked you out!”
His contract had been extended another three years, and they agreed to grab a drink but neither followed through…





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